What are some skills that will help me to be an artist? There are many skills an artist needs to be successful. Here are five I personally think are necessary. 
1.       Develop your curiosity.
2.       Let go of perfectionism.
3.       Get out of your comfort zone.
4.       Manage your time wisely.
5.       Learn how to market yourself.
The reason why I think these five skills will help you to keep doing what you’re doing is because it gives you hope and it helps you to get things out in your mind. Sometime it helps you to be free. Free from whom you are. Develop your curiosity; gives you the opportunity to ask yourself “why not” “what if” and “How would it look if I did it this way?” These are question we need to ask ourselves each time we step before our future painting. Let go of perfectionism; why do we always feel we have to be perfect? Perhaps it is because we were told as children to do it “right.” Perfectionism is a killer of growth. Get out of your comfort zone; when we always stay where we are comfortable, we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to explore. Painting, drawing, writing or anything that required us to think in a creative manner also challenges us to expand beyond where we are comfortable. Manage your time wisely; Schedule your time to creative!  And Learn how to market yourself; marketing is now a huge part of our puzzle to success.

So this are the five skills that I learnt and it helps me to continue on what I’m doing and it helps me to concentrate on what I’m doing.


I have learn so many new skills from artistic. Some of the new skills that I learn are how to decide what paint to use, then I took Painting Personality Quiz:What paint should you use?
the results that I got was I'd be happiest using pastel or acrylic. I think is true for me because when using pastel, there's no waiting for paint to dry, nor brushes to clean afterwards. Acrylic are very fast drying and, once dried, can be overpainted without disturbing underlying layers. I learn that acrylic, oil painting, watercolor and pastels are the best paint ( for beginner ) to use.
I hope to gain more skills on how to paint and draw faster because i'm very slow at painting and it took me forever to think of what to draw or paint. It is also important to use the right paint. From what i've known using the wrong paint will make your painting turn out really bad. So i want to gain more skills on how to pant and draw faster.

This Are The Websites That I Go To:

Ten Rules:
● Buy better art supplies
● Practice,  Practice,  Practice
● Study at experts
● Dip deeper
● Make use of composition and design
● Nurture your inner artist
● Tend to your creative comforts
● Spark your artistice creativity
● Improve your artistic technique
● Pass it on!

I select “Artistic Skill” for my genius hour because I always wanted to learn new skills about art and art is my favorite subject of all. While painting or drawing I feel like I can express myself more than talking it out. I don’t have time to draw or paint anymore because there always something else to work on likes homework, studying, cleaning etc. Those entire thing waists my time, I very glad to have art in school those we don’t always get to paint what we want. But thank to this Planning class, we have genius hour to work for the whole entire semester and we get to choose what we want to do.

I hope to gain more art skills in this genius hours because 30%/100% that I think I know about art. I would love to learn about artistic eye and how to draw faster. So that why I select “Artistic skills” for my genius hour.

Sometimes education kills creativity, stifles imagination, and destroys curiosity. From what i've known there is a big different between elementary and high schools. In elementary you get to express your imagination with your classmate and some teacher would let their student complementing each other every week. You don't have to switch classes, you get to stay with the same teacher and the student. Also in elementary there is recess which mean get energetic and the most fun part is FIELD TRIP!!! But in high school you get to choose eight course, you have to switch classes, no recess, no field trip and more. You spend so much time working, studying and sometime your brain shut down. So there is a big different between elementary and high school and i think that school does kill creativity.
My name is Estela and i was born in Thailand Mae Kaw K. I lived in Mae Kaw K for four years then move to Ma Lah Oo and lived there for another four years. Art and Social are my favorite subject. Most people said i'm quiet,friendly and very energetic sometime. In 2003 i move to Ma Lah Oo, it was very difficult for me because i wasn't use to refugee camps. The reason why my family move to Ma Lah Oo is because my dad was a missionary and had to  work there for few years. My grandfather was also a junior pastor in that camps. It was amazing when i meet my grandparents, i've never meet them before. A few month later, i get to know the camps better and it was very entertaining for me and i've learn so much. There's one girl that i can always count on, she wonderful and amazing and she mean the most to me. Her dad was also a pastor. After four years my family had a support to move to Canada, so we started our journey on September 28 and on November the 1st we were in Vancouver!!!