My name is Estela and i was born in Thailand Mae Kaw K. I lived in Mae Kaw K for four years then move to Ma Lah Oo and lived there for another four years. Art and Social are my favorite subject. Most people said i'm quiet,friendly and very energetic sometime. In 2003 i move to Ma Lah Oo, it was very difficult for me because i wasn't use to refugee camps. The reason why my family move to Ma Lah Oo is because my dad was a missionary and had to  work there for few years. My grandfather was also a junior pastor in that camps. It was amazing when i meet my grandparents, i've never meet them before. A few month later, i get to know the camps better and it was very entertaining for me and i've learn so much. There's one girl that i can always count on, she wonderful and amazing and she mean the most to me. Her dad was also a pastor. After four years my family had a support to move to Canada, so we started our journey on September 28 and on November the 1st we were in Vancouver!!!

Ms. Bertrand
09/11/2013 5:37pm

Wow, Estela, you've had so much experience already! I love Thailand. It's such a vibrant place. I hope you and your family feel at home here in Canada. I look forward to working with you in Planning. It's going to be a great year!


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