I have learn so many new skills from artistic. Some of the new skills that I learn are how to decide what paint to use, then I took Painting Personality Quiz:What paint should you use?
the results that I got was I'd be happiest using pastel or acrylic. I think is true for me because when using pastel, there's no waiting for paint to dry, nor brushes to clean afterwards. Acrylic are very fast drying and, once dried, can be overpainted without disturbing underlying layers. I learn that acrylic, oil painting, watercolor and pastels are the best paint ( for beginner ) to use.
I hope to gain more skills on how to paint and draw faster because i'm very slow at painting and it took me forever to think of what to draw or paint. It is also important to use the right paint. From what i've known using the wrong paint will make your painting turn out really bad. So i want to gain more skills on how to pant and draw faster.

This Are The Websites That I Go To:

Ten Rules:
● Buy better art supplies
● Practice,  Practice,  Practice
● Study at experts
● Dip deeper
● Make use of composition and design
● Nurture your inner artist
● Tend to your creative comforts
● Spark your artistice creativity
● Improve your artistic technique
● Pass it on!

Ms. Bertrand
10/30/2013 1:18pm

I love the advice of "pass it on!" That's so essential to make it public


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