What are some skills that will help me to be an artist? There are many skills an artist needs to be successful. Here are five I personally think are necessary. 
1.       Develop your curiosity.
2.       Let go of perfectionism.
3.       Get out of your comfort zone.
4.       Manage your time wisely.
5.       Learn how to market yourself.
The reason why I think these five skills will help you to keep doing what you’re doing is because it gives you hope and it helps you to get things out in your mind. Sometime it helps you to be free. Free from whom you are. Develop your curiosity; gives you the opportunity to ask yourself “why not” “what if” and “How would it look if I did it this way?” These are question we need to ask ourselves each time we step before our future painting. Let go of perfectionism; why do we always feel we have to be perfect? Perhaps it is because we were told as children to do it “right.” Perfectionism is a killer of growth. Get out of your comfort zone; when we always stay where we are comfortable, we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to explore. Painting, drawing, writing or anything that required us to think in a creative manner also challenges us to expand beyond where we are comfortable. Manage your time wisely; Schedule your time to creative!  And Learn how to market yourself; marketing is now a huge part of our puzzle to success.

So this are the five skills that I learnt and it helps me to continue on what I’m doing and it helps me to concentrate on what I’m doing.


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